Why You Should Pre-Order Your Next Mitsubishi

Pre-Order Your Next Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers, with a history that spans over 100 years. Mitsubishi car models can be seen in every major country and are exported to over 180 countries worldwide. The company has always been innovative and continues to do so by combining Japanese engineering with European styling to produce vehicles of substance, style and quality.

New Mitsubishi cars have a reputation for reliability, performance and comfort. They are hugely popular with fleets and private buyers alike, because of the cost-effectiveness of their purchase price, their all-round capability, low running costs and good safety features.

Pre-ordering your next new car from a Mitsubishi dealership is a smart way to drive away with the deal you want.

Benefit of Mitsubishi New Cars 2022

  1. Innovative features: Mitsubishi cars never fail to impress with their exciting new innovations. Significant improvements in engine efficiency, braking and handling are just a few of the features that keep Mitsubishi at the forefront of the car market.
  1. Quality and Reliability: Mitsubishi is famous for being a company known for its quality production methods. It’s an aspiration that continues today in all new car models, which are crafted to exacting standards of construction and reliability.
  1. Fuel Efficient: The company’s mid-sized models are particularly fuel efficient, making them an excellent choice for drivers looking to buy a new car that won’t break the bank.
  1. Style highlights: Mitsubishi models have a reputation for style and are renowned for their quality design, which incorporates Japanese engineering expertise with European flair. Sleek, luxurious design is reflected in Mitsubishi cars.
  1. Low running costs: Supporters of the Japanese brand swear by their low running costs and low maintenance requirements. A Mitsubishi can offer many years of reliable service at a fraction of the price of upmarket vehicles.
  1. Safety Features: Mitsubishi cars have long been known for their safety features and this is an area which the company strives to improve upon each year. Each new car model incorporates a host of safety features that will not only protect you, but also allow you to drive in complete confidence, whatever the road or weather conditions.

What Features Does a Mitsubishi New Car Offer?

  1. Driver Assist System

The MI-PILOT Assist feature is an advanced driver assistance system that utilizes a camera and image recognition software to recognize anything in its path, from pedestrians and vehicles to animals, traffic lights and road signs. The onboard computers assess the situation and then make the decision about how best to avoid the obstacle.

This virtual assistant helps with lane centering, speed limit control, smooth highway exits, and easing traffic jam driving. The system is effective and helps driver-assist technology to raise the bar in terms of safety and convenience. This will be a feature that some of the biggest car companies will have to try to match.

  1. Multi-Purpose Control Module (MPCM)

This new technology allows you to control various functions, such as air conditioning and audio, through a single central control. It means you are able to use the MPCM while keeping both hands safely on the steering wheel, making it easier and safer to drive.

  1. Full digital driver display

A new generation of high definition digital driver displays fitted in all recent Mitsubishi cars will make driving safer, more efficient and enjoyable. These graphics display vehicle information, such as speed and position on the road, allowing you to stay in control at all times.

This will help you to know what’s going on around you and how to respond to the situation at hand – making driving a breeze. The screens are easy to read, even in sunlight – another reason why they are proving so popular with drivers today.

  1. Theater-like sound system

Mitsubishi vehicles have a reputation for having great, quality sound systems. New cars are no exception and will also feature this eye-catching system. The new model will have an 8-speaker sound system with an all-round digital amplifier and a 6-disc, Bluetooth® equipped audio unit.

How to pre-order a new car

New Mitsubishi car deals are available from a number of dealerships and it’s as simple as contacting your local dealership to discuss the range of available models. You will be able to arrange a test drive, discuss finance options and choose the new Mitsubishi that best suits your driving requirements.

Based on the model, offers can include 2.9% APR for 36 months, $379 per month for 39 months, $250 loyalty offer, or even a $500 military rebate as a Mitsubishi way of recognizing the efforts men and women in uniform have made to keep us safe.

Is Buying a New Mitsubishi Car Worth It?

New Mitsubishi vehicles epitomize good value for money and reliable transportation for customers seeking quality and value. They have a reputation for being good-looking, durable and reliable and you can be confident that their ranks will only increase following recent launches.

So you can head on to a local dealership, take a look at the extensive range of models on offer and start the new car vehicle search.

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