What Does it Mean if My Mitsubishi is in Transit?

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Buying a car is not an everyday occurrence. A new or new-to-you vehicle is a major purchase that most people don’t make very often, so it is naturally very exciting. After ordering a new vehicle, it is understandable to feel eager to get on the road in your brand-new car model. However, many car buyers have been forced to learn the art of patience over the past year and a half as the COVID-19 pandemic has led to major production delays and widespread vehicle shortages in the auto industry. When you order a new car, its production or transportation to the dealership where you will pick it up may be delayed due to vehicle component shortages, manufacturing delays, etc. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it takes much longer than it did pre-pandemic for most drivers to receive their new car after they order it.

If you have recently ordered a Mitsubishi vehicle and its status shows that it is “in transit”, keep reading to learn more about what this means for the future of your new vehicle purchase.

What Does in Transit Mean?

If you have recently ordered a Mitsubishi vehicle, your new vehicle may show that it is “in transit” when you check its status. This status can be confusing for many drivers who are eager to receive their brand-new Mitsubishi vehicle and get it out on the road.

Don’t worry if your Mitsubishi shows that it is in transit. While that status means that you have a bit more time to wait before you can get behind the wheel of your new car, it is not a status that should concern you. In fact, once your vehicle shows that it is in transit, you can expect it to be ready for you to pick up from your local Mitsubishi dealership in the near future.

Being in transit means that your Mitsubishi model has already come off of the assembly line at the factory where it was manufactured. This means that it has already been built and its production process is complete—which should be comforting considering the havoc that the current worldwide microchip shortage has wreaked on the vehicle manufacturing process.

If your Mitsubishi is in transit, that means it is on the last step of its journey to your local dealership. When your Mitsubishi is in transit, it has already left the factory where it was manufactured and is in the process of being transported to the local dealership where you will pick it up—but it has not yet arrived at the dealership facility. The status of your Mitsubishi will remain “in transit” throughout your vehicle’s entire transportation process between the factory and the dealership, so don’t be concerned if its “in transit” status stays the same for several days or even multiple weeks.

Why is My Mitsubishi in Transit?

The auto industry is currently in a state of chaos due to widespread vehicle shortages, which are primarily due to manufacturing delays that are consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If your Mitsubishi shows that it is in transit, that either means that you customized your vehicle order or that the dealership in your area is currently out of stock of the model you ordered.

Being in transit is a normal status for all vehicles as they must be transported from the factory where they are manufactured to the dealership where they will be purchased, but some Mitsubishi models may remain in transit for longer than usual due to transportation delays at this time.

When Will I Receive My Mitsubishi if it is in Transit?

If your Mitsubishi vehicle shows that it is in transit, you can expect your vehicle to arrive at your local Mitsubishi dealership and be ready for you to pick up at some point within a range of three to 30 days.

That being said, this time frame is just an estimate and should not be taken too seriously. Conditions and shortages in the auto industry are constantly changing, especially with the current chaotic state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It may take slightly longer for your Mitsubishi to arrive at the dealership in your area, but your Mitsubishi Sales Consultant should provide you with status updates along the way until your Mitsubishi vehicle model is finally ready for you to pick up at your local dealership.