Top Safety Pick: 2022 Outlander

January 15th, 2022 by

The Outlander has always been a favorite in the compact SUV field because of its excellent safety ratings. For those wondering about the 2022 Mitusbishi Outlander safety, it’s once again rated as one of the safest vehicles on today’s market and is eligible for Top Safety Pick Plus status.


The Outlander has always been a safe car, but the newest model further pumps up its safety game with some fantastic new features. The all-wheel drive is standard, which helps to provide stability on slippery surfaces and bad weather conditions.

Another new feature for this year’s model is the surround-view camera system that allows you to see all of your blind spots before you move into them. This is helpful because it lets you check for pedestrians, other cars, or anything else that could pose a danger while driving so that you can adjust your steering accordingly. Not only does this help keep drivers safe, but it also helps keep pedestrians safer as well by reducing accidents caused by distracted drivers who aren’t aware of their surroundings. And if someone does happen to appear in your blind spot, the voice alert system will let you know before you move into their space.

2022 Outlander Safety

As far as protection goes, the Outlander has always been a safe vehicle, and it’s easy to see why after taking a look at all of its safety features. It comes with six airbags, four-wheel ABS; traction control; stability control; active head restraints, and more. Even if someone did get into an accident that they didn’t cause while driving this car, they would be protected by the ample amount of safety features that come standard on all models.
Other great additions include rearview cameras for reverse parking and backup assistance systems which give drivers better visibility when backing out of driveways or parking spots. And thanks to the standard all-wheel drive, it’s easy to maneuver in bad weather conditions.

Driver-Assist Features

This vehicle also has adaptive cruise control, which helps drivers maintain a safe distance between themselves and the cars around them so they can focus on what’s directly ahead rather than having to adjust their speed regularly with changing traffic conditions. Adaptive cruise control also offers a smart brake assist, which comes in handy if someone suddenly cuts you off. By automatically braking for up to 60 seconds after the initial impact, this feature can give you some time to gather yourself and slow down so that you don’t cause a secondary accident.

The Outlander also has an emergency braking system and lane departure/warning systems, which would come in handy if someone were to suddenly lose control of their vehicle and cross over into your lane or drive onto the shoulder for some other reason. These safety features make it easy for drivers to stay safe by helping them avoid accidents instead of reacting to them after they happen. And since these are standard safety features on all models, there isn’t any additional cost involved in purchasing one of these vehicles.


This is great news because the price is always a concern when looking for a new vehicle. The base model has an incredible price considering the features you get with this car. You always want to make sure that you’re purchasing a vehicle with its safety game on point and the Outlander delivers in this area. It’s important to be safe while driving, so this model makes it easy since all safety features are bundled into one affordable package instead of being purchased separately or added after purchase. This way, drivers can stay protected by these helpful features without spending more money on them later.


Whether you drive locally around your neighborhood or on the highway for longer commutes, it’s important to make sure that you’re safe behind the wheel. Drivers can find many used and new Outlander models with low mileage and the latest safety features.

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